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Start a Career in
Learning & Development

Free guide for beginners

Bonus Tips for a Career in L&D

6 Tips for Starting a Career in L&D

If you want to go the extra mile in your L&D career journey, try some of our bonus tips:

1. Look up relevant job postings on LinkedIn or your preferred local job searching website for relevant L&D roles. Notice what the responsibilities and position requirements are. Compare your current skills and knowledge to what is asked in the job description. 

2. Reach out to your network of colleagues and friends to ask if they know of any L&D opportunities or roles you can apply for. Ask them to give you insights into the organization or even the hiring manager, if they know them.

3. Volunteer at your local youth groups, school or non-profit organization. This would be a great place to put your skills to the test. Not only will you be helping others, but also building competencies you may be lacking now. Not to mention it would look nice on your resume (but don't do it for this reason alone!)

4. Connect with other L&D practitioners and follow them on LinkedIn. L&D people love to share their achievements and you can always learn from them. Engage with their posts and ask them for advice or questions. Of course, remember to keep it respectful.

5. Check out some great books on the topic. Our favourite ones are:


6. Sign up for an online course. We have a great flagship course “Introduction to Learning and Development” aimed at beginners. We cover all the basics and help you build a solid foundation to continue your growth in Learning and Development.

Introdcution to Learning and DEvelopment online course.png

Do you have any other tips? Share them with our private community on LinkedIn or on any of our other social media channels.


You’ve completed our free guide! You should be ready to begin your transition to a new career in Learning and Development now. We’re so excited to see what heights you will reach!

We would love to know how you get on. Share your successes with us - we love connecting with fellow L&D professionals!

And if you need any help or just someone to talk to, remember that we are here for you! You can reach us over email or on any of our social media channels. 

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