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How to Make This Your Best Year Yet

The beginning of a new year always holds this allure of starting something fresh, having a new slate, turning a blank page. You haven’t made any mistakes yet and anything is possible.

There’s no wonder people are always so determined at the start of the year to make new changes. The thing is - for most people these changes almost never last. And it’s because we think about them the wrong way. It’s not just about the decision to make a change. It’s about implementing that change and making it part of your everyday activities.

In short: it’s not about making resolutions, it's about making new habits.

Here are our best tips for making this your best year.

Set goals

In case you have not been following any sort of goal-setting techniques, now is the right time to use them. The best way to set goals is to break down your goals into smaller, measurable steps that you can take every day. Figure out what is it you want to accomplish in the next 12 months and make a plan for it (like you would if someone asked you to run a project at work).

Start small

When it comes to goal-setting, it's best to start with the smallest steps possible. After all, setting a large goal can seem daunting. If you're looking to lose weight, for example, set a small goal to increase your activity level by 10 percent every day. Or to move for at least 30 minutes a day - you don’t have to commit to an intense HIIT or cardio session, but even 30 minutes of just taking a walk. If you start with easy-to-implement changes you will be much more likely to stick with them and turn them into habits, rather than going all-in and burning out quickly.

Write it down

After setting the goal, write it down on paper and post it where you'll see it every day. This will help you stay focused on achieving it, as well as remind you when you need to do something to accomplish the goal. There is great power in putting pen to paper and soon enough you will find that the words turn into reality.

Celebrate milestones

When we have a long way ahead we can’t help but focus on how much more there is to accomplish and that can feel discouraging. To get yourself in the right mindset, make sure you celebrate every milestone on your way to success. Maybe you want to start a new business? Then celebrate as soon as you decide on the name and buy the domain! Or perhaps you are studying for a degree - then celebrate as soon as you pass your first exam. Giving yourself small rewards triggers the brain to focus on achievement, rather than dwell in self-doubt. Rewards don’t have to be big - it can be treating yourself to your favorite Starbucks drink or giving yourself a self-care day. Whatever it is, make sure you put those milestones in your calendar and celebrate as soon as you hit them.

And last but not least -

Always remember why you started

A year can be a long time, especially when you’re trying to adopt new habits. Make sure you never forget your WHY. When you have to wake up at 5:30 am to work on your new blog or to go for a run to get in shape, you may begin to wonder why the heck you’re doing this!

Write down your WHY if you have to. Put it on your mobile screen desktop. Put it up on the fridge. Let it be a constant reminder that you’re working towards something amazing and it will all be 100% worth it in the end.

Rooting for you! Good luck!


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