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The Ultimate Toolkit for L&D

Are you ready to save time and get relevant L&D resources at your fingertips?

Have you  ever...

Needed to start a Learning needs assessment process from scratch?

Wasn't sure what to ask your stakeholders or how to record their answers?

Doubted your decision about a learning solution or intervention?

Had trouble figuring out all the steps and tech?

If so, you're in the right place!

What if it could be easy?

Imagine having a library of resources that you can...


Download at any time


Customise with your own logo and colors


Use to cut your learning analysis, design and evaluation time in half

Introducing the
The Ultimate L&D Toolkit

The Ultimate Toolkit Hero Image.png

The Ultimate L&D Toolkit has everything you need to:

⚡️Analyse learning needs

⚡️Design and deliver outstanding training

⚡️Create learning programs

⚡️Develop managers and leaders

⚡️Manage all L&D projects

⚡️Optimise your Learning Management System

⚡️Evaluate the impact of learning

⚡️Create and manage the L&D Strategy

⚡️Develop personally and professionally

Take a look Inside the Toolkit

Inside the Toolkit

Section 1. Learning Needs Analysis

✅ Learning Needs Analysis Preparation Guide


✅ Learning Needs Analysis Question Bank

✅ Learning Needs Analysis Interview Guide

✅ Learning Needs Analysis Insights Template

✅ Learning Needs Analysis Findings Prioritisation Template

✅ Learning Needs Analysis Buy-in Preparation Guide

✅ Template for setting SMART goals

✅ Template for setting KPIs

✅ Template for setting OKRs

✅ Skills and Knowledge Assessment Template

Resource Library - Learning Needs Analysis.png

Section 2. Training Design and Delivery

Resource Library - Training Design and Delivery.png.png

✅ Trainer's Checklist

✅ Training Needs Assessment Template

✅ Training Plan Template

✅ ADDIE Checklist

✅ Training Delivery Checklist

✅ Training Evaluation Question Bank

✅ Training Materials Checklist NEW IN JULY 2023

✅ Training Attendance Form NEW IN JULY 2023

Section 3. Learning Design and Delivery

✅ Blended Learning Planner Template

✅ 360-Degree Feedback Scope Template

✅ 360-degree Feedback Question Bank

✅ 360-degree Feedback Individual Sample Report

✅ 360-degree Feedback Calculations Template

✅ 360-degree Feedback Results Interpretation Template

✅ GROW Questions for Coaching Cheatsheet


✅ Knowledge Management Template

✅ Mentorship Education Factsheet

✅ Mentorship Project Plan Template

✅ Mentoring Evaluation Template

✅ Mentee Preferences Questionnaire

✅ Mentor Profile Questionnaire

Resource Library - Learning Design and Delivery.png

Section 4. Leadership Development

Resource Library - Leadership Development.png

✅ Leadership Development Action Plan Template

✅ Leadership Development Metric Tracking Template

✅ Leadership SWOT Analysis Template

✅ Management Course Portfolio Template

✅ Leadership Development Metric Tracking Template

✅ Leadership Development Roles and Responsibilities Guide

✅ Conducting Focus Groups for Leadership Development Guideline


✅ Focus Groups Insights for Leadership Development Template

Section 5. L&D Project Management

✅ Project Management Tracker Template

✅ Stakeholder Engagement Tool UPDATED IN JULY 2023

✅ Gantt Chart Template

✅ L&D Consulting Conversation Notes Template

✅ Goal Setting Templates for L&D

✅ Communications Plan Template (COMING SOON)

✅ Performance Improvement Plans Templates (COMING SOON)

Resource Library - L&D Project Management.png

Section 6. Learning Management Systems

Resource Library - Learning Management Systems.png

✅ LMS Learner Profile Template

✅ LMS Project Preparation Form Template

✅ LMS Implementation Timeline Template

✅ LMS Needs Analysis: Survey Questions

✅ LMS Nomination Form Template

✅ LMS Satisfaction survey

✅ ​LMS Content Audit Template

Section 7. Learning Evaluation

✅ 9-Box Talent Grid Assessment Template

✅ Learning and Development Metrics List

✅ Training Survey Question Bank

✅ Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

✅ Learning Program Assessment Metrics

✅ Learning Impact Analysis Insights

Resource Library - Learning Evaluation.png

Section 8. L&D Strategy

Resource Library - L&D Strategy.png

✅ Learning Offering Inventory

✅ L&D Competencies Inventory Template

✅ Competency Framework Template

✅ Year-to-Year Budget Analysis Template

✅ L&D Budget Stakeholder Interview Guide

✅ Continuous Improvement for L&D Template

Section 9. Personal Development

✅ Personal Development Plan Templates

✅ Personal SWOT Analysis Template

✅ Business Acumen Builder Worksheet

✅ Daily Planner Template

✅ Weekly Planner Template

✅ Yearly Planner Template

Resource Library - Personal Development.png

Total Value $1299.99

Today's price

Only $149.99

Your success matters to us!

We've spent countless hours, sweat and love to create this library. And we continue to add new resources every single month.

We're sure this is one of the best L&D resource libraries you will find on the internet. We're so sure of this that we are offering free consultations to anyone needing help with the Toolkit - just email

  • What is the Ultimate Toolkit?
    The Ultimate Toolkit for L&D is a collection of resources (templates, step-by-step guides, etc.) that you can download, customise and use within your organisation.
  • Who is the Toolkit for?
    The L&D Toolkit is for anyone in Learning and Development looking to streamline their day-to-day with easy-to-use templates, checklists, guides and cheat sheets. Our library provides everything you need to create meaningful learning experiences for your employees.
  • How long do I have access to the Toolkit?
    Every purchase comes with LIFETIME access to all documents + plus any updates we make will be immediately available to you.
  • What's included in the Toolkit?
    All documents are broken into 9 sections (see "Take a look Inside the Toolkit" above). Once you gain access, you will be able to download all files (in MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint format) and edit them to your heart's desire. The commercial distribution of any files is prohibited.
  • What else do I get if I purchase the Toolkit?
    Apart from all current and future resources, you will get immediate access to our exclusive community of L&D practitioners + exclusive deals on our online video courses.
  • What if I don't like it?
    Due to digital nature of the product we aren't offering a refund for the Resource Library. But if you have any questions or aren't sure how to use it, please email us for a free consultation at
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