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360-Degree Feedback Toolkit

Dive into comprehensive feedback with our 🔄 360-Degree Feedback Toolkit! Tailored for HR professionals, team leaders, and L&D experts, this all-in-one package is designed to enhance your feedback processes from start to finish.



Elevate your review cycles with tools crafted for clarity and actionable insights. 🎯 Our toolkit streamlines the 360-degree feedback process, making it a breeze for you to implement and interpret comprehensive evaluations.


What's Inside:

  • 🎯 01. 360-degree Feedback Scope Template.docx: Set the stage for your feedback process, outlining the objectives and participants.
  • 📋 02. 360-degree Feedback Question Bank.docx: Select the perfect set of questions to include in your assessment for rich, multi-source feedback.
  • 🔢 03. 360-Degree Feedback Calculations Template.xlsx: Seamlessly calculate and analyze results by importing data directly from your survey tool.
  • 📈 04. 360-degree Feedback Report Sample.docx: Generate a professional report based on the results that can be shared with the assessee.
  • 📝 05. 360-degree Feedback Results Interpretation Template.docx: Guide recipients in understanding and leveraging their feedback to formulate a concrete development plan.


Perfect for unlocking the full potential within your teams, our 360-Degree Feedback Toolkit is your partner in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and high performance.


ℹ️ The documents included in this toolkit can also be found in The Ultimate Toolkit for L&D.

360-Degree Feedback Toolkit