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What's the Average Cost of a Learning and Development Course?

Learning and development courses are extremely popular when it comes to professional development. With such a large range to choose from, how do you determine which course provides the best value for your needs?

We know we’re biased, but we'll explore why Learning and Development is crucial for business success and give you a definitive answer on what the average costs of a course are. If you’re considering starting a career in L&D and are wondering what the cost of education would be, then keep reading.

Why invest in yourself?

The world is going at a much quicker pace these days. It’s actually sprinting! Technologies develop rapidly, new jobs are created and there is an ever-rising need for people, who are able to learn and adapt quickly. In order to be successful in today's competitive market, it is important to take the time to invest in your own professional development.

With a huge return on investment by way of increased productivity, creativity, and greater job satisfaction, it is no surprise that Learning and Development courses play an important role in enhancing business performance.

If you're looking to increase your knowledge or skill set to stay competitive in the workplace, then finding the most valuable course for you is hugely important.

What is Learning and Development Training?

Learning and Development (L&D) training equips people with the right skills, knowledge, and attitudes to enable them to thrive in their role and have a positive influence on other employees within the business.

Structurally, L&D normally sits within the HR department and is there to help align employee goals and performance with that of the organisation's.

This type of professional development can help people drastically improve their core skills and help them build successful careers both within their organisation or as independent L&D Practitioners.

What Factors Influence the Cost of an L&D Course?

The main factors influencing the cost of a Learning and Development course are:


The duration of the course will have an impact on the overall cost, with most reputable courses running between 1-3 days.

Content Complexity

Basic beginner courses will generally cost less than more in-depth courses aimed at advanced L&D Practitioners.

Instructor Experience

The level of knowledge and experience of the trainer will usually increase the quality (and cost) of the course.


Course locations in city centers such as London or New York will have higher fees associated with them. Online courses provide much better value in terms of reducing overhead costs for the course providers, resulting in lower course prices.

Other variables include the number of participants in the group, whether the instructor provides hands-on training sessions as well as the materials you may need to purchase before starting your course.

Classroom Courses vs Online Courses

The location of your course will have a great impact on the overall price of your L&D training.

Classroom courses are naturally more expensive to arrange, so will have higher costs associated with them. You will also need to factor in the time and costs spent on commuting to the classroom for your course.

Online courses provide a flexible approach to learning and can be used to fit around your current lifestyle, such as work or family commitments.

In fact, research has shown that 88% of people prefer an online course and spend an average of 2 additional hours per week learning, achieving far better outcomes! Learning at your own pace allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the course content, providing the opportunity to re-play sections or find materials that you may struggle to keep up with within a normal classroom-based environment.

What is the average cost of an online L&D course?

Learning and development training is a great way for professionals to grow their skill sets and improve performance, but it can be expensive.

In fact, it's so crucial for businesses that it warrants spending thousands on training courses each year for their employees. These are seen as necessary costs to improve productivity and employee satisfaction, therefore viewed as a great return on investment. The average cost of an online Learning and Development course, delivered by a qualified instructor, is £500. This amount can vary depending on the factors listed above, however, courses can drastically range between £300 - £1500.

For example, the CIPD offers a 3-day online L&D course for £1380.

Additional Pricing Factors

When searching for L&D Courses, it's extremely helpful to have prior access to the course topics before you purchase, so that you can determine whether the content will be suitable for your level of experience.

Aside from the main course content, the additional support offered should be a major factor in deciding whether you are getting the most value.

For example, some providers will give you access to 1-on-1 coaching or an active community where you can ask for specific advice or learn a great deal from others. These features and benefits are sometimes worth more than the initial course alone.

Why We Stand Out

Our selection of online L&D Courses will equip you with the skills and mindset necessary for success in an ever-changing world. We'll teach you how to learn, develop, and lead others effectively so that you can keep up with the change of pace around you and become an L&D Pro.

From Beginners to Advanced, we have created amazing courses for L&D Practitioners of all levels:

  • Managers

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Our courses are competitively priced and balanced with great quality content that you won't find elsewhere. Oh, and we offer that awesome community of friendly L&D Professionals who are ready to help you succeed!

Check out our online L&D courses right here or pop us a question and we'll be more than happy to assist.


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