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Learning Needs Analysis Workbook

Learning Needs Analysis Workbook

Learn how to approach training needs analysis from a practical and strategic point of view. 


Step-by-step guide to identifying and analysing employee skills and knowledge


Learning and Development professionals spend a lot of time *guessing* what the organisation needs instead of relying on data!


This is because conducting a proper learning needs analysis can be difficult and time consuming. As a result, learning programs turn out to be irrelevant or ineffective.

As L&D we want to give employees the support that will make a difference, but how can you assess their needs without asking them directly or using guesswork?


This workbook is for you, if you want to save:



With this learning needs analysis workbook, it is easy to find out exactly where training and development efforts should be focused. The step-by-step instructions will help you identify the most critical skills gaps - so everyone knows where their time and energy should go.



We created this workbook so that you can learn how to do an effective Learning Needs Analysis without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive courses or hiring expensive consultants. It will help you save money while ensuring your employees get the skills they need from your learning and development efforts!


A proper learning needs assessment will help you…

✔ Create a full picture of employee capability levels across all areas of the business

✔ Improve communication between managers and their employees

✔ Create more targeted learning programs

✔ Increase individual, team and organisational productivity

✔ Reduce turnover rates

✔ Improve job satisfaction among staff members 


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